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Trekking Poles, made better

We had the idea for the Clever Stick two years ago. On a trekking tour in Scandinavia we had to sit in the evening on the wet grass. Hmmm, we thought... we carry all-day the trekking poles, why can't we use them as ...


Camera Tripod


Selfie Stick


Tell me more!

First of all, the Clever Stick is a lightweight and very strong trekking pole. We believe, it is the strongest trekking pole in the market of high-end trekking poles. We designed it to have the same tube dimension throughout the whole pole, which results in incredible stiffness, even in the tip section, where most trekking poles tend to break.


Frederik, Sweden

The fit and finish is really nice, the functionality seems to be great, easy to put together,

Michael, Deutschland

Ich bin begeistert. Leicht, durchdacht und vielseitig.

Tessa, USA

These are indeed very clever in how they’ve incorporated so many functions in a lightweight product!

A Bit About Us

We are a Swiss based product design company, and we pride ourselves in designing things a bit smarter. We get to focus on what we love to do: designing beautiful, innovative products for likeminded folks.


Studenstrasse 16 - Einsiedeln - Switzerland

+41 78 600 5000

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